PHP Frameworks

Sometimes requirements are very specific that cannot be met by content management systems. In such cases developing the websites in Core PHP or a PHP MVC framework is the right way to follow.
PHP Frameworks
PHP MVC Frameworks are excellent tools for developing feature rich, dynamic websites while creating re-usable and easily maintainable code. Frameworks impose guidelines to divide the code into multiple layers so that presentation, business logic and domain objects are independent of each other and can be re-used, updated and extended easily. If code is properly designed and developed, RESTful api can be created during development process which allows other applications to interact with the site even without going through the user interface.
That opens a lot more possibilities for any web product. Webner works on most of the common PHP Frameworks including CakePHP, Zend, Symphony, KissMVC and Codeigniter. We have transformed a lot of websites from core PHP to MVC frameworks while reusing maximum pieces from existing codebase. We are database experts in MySQL, Postgre, MongoDB, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. We specialize in development over Linux platform (LAMP), Windows (WAMP) and Mac (MAMP). We also integrate PHP based sites with Salesforce, Zoho, Accounting systems like Quickbooks, Payment Gateways and other 3rd party systems.
If you are looking for experts who you can trust for in-depth PHP knowledge and experience, contact us today.
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